Literature & Film

Find more learning and teaching resources for German film at the German Film Learning Initiative, a collaborative project between the University of Leeds and Cardiff University.

Situated on the corner of Pilgrim Street is Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle’s beloved independent cinema which plays films from all over the world. Throughout the year the Tyneside offers various film series to the public, in relation to art and culture from many different countries and backgrounds.


Language Café

The Tyneside cinema also hosts a Language Café. The cinema offers the opportunity to see a wide variety of foreign language films, These films can be enjoyed solely on their own or accompanied by a free meet-up after the film showing where you can voice your thoughts about the film in its own native tongue. Whether you are a native speaker, a student studying the language or are brushing up on your GCSE knowledge, the mood will be informal and relaxed. Details about the next German Language Café shall be added as soon as it is added to the Tyneside cinema calendar. 

‌MFL Study Days

The Tyneside cinema also offers a combination of screening some of the best world cinema releases with running curriculum based activities and discussions for 14-19 year olds. These study days for both GCSE and A-Level students of Modern Foreign Languages are a brilliant way to bring language learning to life.  

Each event includes a full screening of a feature film, cinema based presentations and small group work supported by the fantastic Routes into Languages student ambassadors. Teachers will also receive a comprehensive resource pack, full of activities to be used in the classroom.

Previous study days have included a GCSE German day about the film das Wunder von Bern on 2nd October 2014 and an A Level German day about the film Goodbye Lenin on 13th November 2014. The future German study day dates haven't been released yet but if you would like to find out more about the past study days the available resources, look here