University Level

Note: courses are open to students, staff and in some cases to members of the public.

The Theatre Royal in NewcastleNewcastle's iconic red brick Arches

Newcastle University: offers various possibilities for undergraduate students. You can follow the School of Modern Languages on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to read about the German Department's various projects as well as our students' side of the story have a look at the School's Modern Languages newsletters.


Newcastle University Language Resource Centre: ‌

S‌elf-study language learning at one of the foremost independent language learning centres in the UK. You can access self-study resources in over 50 languages and in a range of formats including:

  • Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) delivered online via standard web browser
  • 80 PCs equipped with language learning software
  • 24 satellite channels in 17 languages
  • 800 foreign language films
  • online English language study materials
  • language learning podcasting site. ‌

All students and staff of Newcastle University can use the Language Resource Centre free of charge. Members of the public can also join the Centre for a fee.


Durham University: offers a wide range of German related courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. You can follow their German Department on Facebook.


Durham University Centre for Foreign Language Study and Open Access Centre: Durham's CFLS offers foreign language courses to non-specialists across the University as well as members of the public. In addition, they offer a tandem learning scheme which puts you in touch with a foreign national who speaks your language. 


Sunderland College: A range of German courses are offered, from 'German for beginners' to German A Level 


University of Sunderland: University Language Scheme