Teachers' Resources


Here is our selection of useful resources for teachers of German. If you have any further recommendations, please contact us! Find information on school exchanges, trips, workshops and competitions in the linked sections.



Schoolteacher Resources


  • UK-German Connections

The UK-German Connection website has an excellent and comprehensive list of links for German teachers.

  • Goethe

‌The Goethe-Institut provides a range of activities and ideas.

Teachers can also subscribe to the G-I’s regular newsletter for teachers of German

  • DW

Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster, provides excellent resources for the classroom, which are connected to current news stories and regularly updated.

  • Fluter.de

Fluter.de is an online magazine aimed at 16-22 year olds, containing informative features on current German cultural and political issues. A great resource for AS/A2+ students and teachers of German.

  • BBC

The BBC offers a range of materials for German language-learning:

BBC Cool German BBC's schools programme guide

contains an array of articles, videos and fact-files, all aimed at teachers and learners of German:

  • Education Scotland

ES offers a set of online games for primary and older pupils – ‘Hennings Haus’

a useful resource to learn German grammar (among other languages!)

Find out what German teachers around the world are doing to engage their students - for example, in Australia!